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George Henry White (1852-1918)


1852 – George Henry White is born in Bladen County, NC, December 18

1857 – GHW’s father, Wiley F. White, marries Mary Anna Spaulding, Columbus County, NC, April 16

1856‒1870 ‒ GHW lives and works in Welches Creek, Columbus County

1869–1870 ‒ GHW attends Freedmen’s school at Rehobeth, Bladen County

1871‒1872 ‒ GHW attends Whitin Academy, Lumberton, NC; graduates 1872

1872–1873 ‒ GHW lives and works in Welches Creek

1874 – GHW enters Howard University, Washington, DC, January 5

1876 – GHW works as assistant-in-charge of U.S. Coast Survey exhibit at U.S. Centennial

            Exposition, Philadelphia, PA, May–November

1877 – GHW graduates from Howard University with normal teaching certificate, May

         ‒ Begins work as principal of New Bern, NC, public school for black pupils, May

1878 ‒ GHW a founding member of Ebenezer Presbyterian Church, New Bern, November 24

1879 – GHW passes North Carolina bar exam, Raleigh, NC, January 6

         – GHW marries Fannie B. Randolph, New Bern, February 27

1880 – GHW’s daughter Della Mae White born in New Bern, January

         – GHW’s wife Fannie R. White dies, New Bern, September; burial in Greenwood Cemetery

         – GHW elected as Republican to N. C. House of Representatives from Craven County, November 2

1881 – GHW sworn in as member of N.C. House of Representatives, January 5; session ends March 1

         – GHW becomes superintendent of new State Colored Normal School, New Bern, May

1882 – GHW marries Nancy J. Scott, February, New Bern

         ‒ GHW’s wife Nancy S. White dies, New Bern, December; burial in Greenwood Cemetery

         – GHW defeated as independent Republican for N. C. Senate from Craven County, November 7

1884 – GHW elected as Republican to N. C. Senate from Eighth District (Craven County), November

1885 – GHW sworn in as N.C. senator, January 8; General Assembly session ends March 11

1886 – GHW elected to 4-year term as solicitor, Second Judicial District of North Carolina,

              November 2

1887 – GHW marries Cora Lena Cherry of Tarboro, NC, March 16

         ‒ GHW’s daughter Mary Adelyne (Mamie) White born, New Bern, December 12

1890 – GHW reelected as solicitor for Second Judicial District of North Carolina, November

1890‒1896 ‒ GHW serves as elected grand master of N.C. black Masons

1891 – GHW’s daughter Beatrice Odessa White born, New Bern, August

1892 – GHW’s daughter Beatrice Odessa dies, New Bern, January; burial in Greenwood Cemetery

1893 – GHW’s son George Henry White, Jr., born, New Bern, July 1

         – GHW’s father Wiley F. White dies, October; burial in Greenwood Cemetery

1894 – GHW moves residence and family to Tarboro, February

         ‒ Seeks Republican nomination for Second District Congressional nomination; loses disputed

            contest arbitrated by National Republican Party to brother-in-law Henry P. Cheatham,


1896 – GHW nominated by Second District Republicans, North Carolina, for Congress, May

         ‒ Receives honorary LL.D. from Livingstone College, Salisbury, NC

         ‒ Receives honorary LL.D. from Biddle University, Charlotte, NC

         ‒ Selected as at-large delegate from N.C. to Republican nominating convention, Saint Louis, MO

         ‒ Wins general election,  November, defeating Democratic incumbent Rep. Frederick A. Woodard

1897 – GHW sworn in as member of 55th Congress, March 15; delivers first speech to House, March 31

         ‒ Named honorary trustee of Howard University, Washington, DC

         ‒ Daughter Della graduates from Scotia Seminary, Concord, NC, May

1898 – GHW proposes death benefit for family of  Lake City, SC, postmaster Frazier Baker, April

         ‒ GHW addresses graduates of Tuskegee Institute, Tuskegee, AL, May 25

         – Receives honorary Master’s degree from Howard University, August

         ‒ Reelected to Congress from Second District of North Carolina, November 7

         ‒ “Wilmington massacre” occurs, elected city government overthrown by armed mob, November 9

         ‒ GHW appeals for federal assistance to African Americans in Wilmington, NC, December

         ‒ Named to executive committee of National Afro-American Council, Washington, DC, December

1899 – GHW elected chairman of Council of Colored Men of the State, January

         ‒ 55th Congress adjourns, March

         ‒ GHW addresses graduates of Hampton Institute, Hampton, VA, June

         ‒ GHW elected vice president of National Afro-American Council, Chicago, IL, August

         ‒ GHW sworn in as member of 56th Congress, December

1900 – GHW sponsors anti-lynching bill in U.S. House, January; referred to Judiciary Committee

         ‒ GHW testifies before the Industrial Commission, Washington, DC, February 8

         ‒ Elected as Second District delegate (N.C.) to Republican nominating convention, Philadelphia

         ‒ Receives honorary Ph.D. from Agricultural and Mechanical College of Alabama, May

         ‒ N.C. voters approve “literacy” amendment to state constitution, August 1

         ‒ GHW declines Second District nomination for third term in Congress, August

         ‒ Unsuccessful candidate for president, National Afro-American Council, Indianapolis, IN, August

         ‒ Reelected vice president of National Afro-American Council, Indianapolis, August

1901 – GHW delivers “farewell address” on floor of U.S. House, January 29

         ‒ GHW’s term in 56th Congress ends, March 4

         ‒ GHW establishes law practice in Washington, DC; offices at 609 F Street, NW

         ‒ Unsuccessful candidate for president, National Afro-American Council, Philadelphia, August

         ‒ Reelected vice president of National Afro-American Council, Philadelphia, August

         ‒ Founds George H. White Land & Improvement Company, November, to develop New Jersey


1902 – GHW’s daughter Della marries J. W. Oscar Garrett; resides in Asheville, NC, until 1910

1903 – Town of White, NJ, incorporated in Cape May County; later renamed Whitesboro

1904 ‒ GHW’s daughter Mamie graduates from Manual Training High School, Washington, DC

         ‒ GHW’s daughter Mamie enters Oberlin Conservatory, Oberlin, OH

         ‒ GHW enters brickmaking partnership,  Cook, Cook, & White, with George F. T. Cook and John

            F. Cook, Washington; partnership dissolved 1906

1905 –  GHW’s wife Cora C. White, 40, dies, Washington, DC, January 19; burial in Greenwood

             Cemetery, New Bern

1906 –  GHW moves family to Philadelphia; residence at 1428 Lombard Street

         ‒  GHW’s son George, Jr., enrolls at Central High School, Philadelphia, September

         –  GHW moves offices of George H. White Land & Improvement Company to Philadelphia

         –  GHW serves on negotiating committee with Philadelphia Mayor Thomas Weaver over

             cancelling local production of racist play, The Clansman, October

         ‒  GHW assists Constitution League investigation into Brownsville affray and dismissed soldiers

1907 –  Commonwealth of Pennsylvania charters People’s Savings Bank, Philadelphia,  September

         –  GHW’s son George, Jr., enters Downington Industrial School, September

1908 –  GHW opens People’s Savings Bank at first location, 1428 Lombard Street, January

         ‒  Establishes residence, law practice at 1508 Lombard Street, April; bank moves there

         ‒  GHW’s daughter Mamie graduates from Oberlin Conservatory

         ‒  George H. White Land & Improvement Company builds first public school in Whitesboro, NJ

1911 –  GHW elected president of Howard University alumni association chapter, Philadelphia

         –  GHW active in management of Acme Building and Loan Association, Philadelphia

         ‒  GHW’s son George, Jr., graduates from Lincoln University, PA

1912 –  GHW unsuccessful candidate for Republican nomination for Congress, Pennsylvania’s First

             District, to fill vacancy created by death of Rep. Henry H. Bingham (R-PA), March 30

         ¬‒  GHW’s son George, Jr., enters University of Pennsylvania law school

         ‒  GHW reelected to presidency of Howard University alumni chapter, Philadelphia

         ‒  GHW’s stepmother Mary Anna White dies, Washington, DC, July 27; burial location unknown

1913 – GHW named to executive committee  of new Philadelphia chapter of National Association for

            the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), January

          – GHW suggested by Philadelphia citizens for new judgeship on Court of Common Pleas, April

          – GHW represents victims of Egg Harbor Boom Committee land swindle, April

          – Speaker at banquet for Booker T. Washington, head of National Negro Business League, April

         ‒  GHW’s son George, Jr., enters Franklin Backus School of Law, Western Reserve, Cleveland, OH

          – GHW serves as board member of Berea Manual Training Institute, Frederick Douglass Hospital

          – Serves as director of Home for the Protection of Colored Women, Philadelphia

1915 – GHW’s daughter Mamie weds Arthur H. (“Strut”) Payne in New York; divorced 1918

         ‒ GHW’s son George, Jr., graduates from Backus School of Law, Western Reserve University

         ‒ GHW named to Colored Republican Central Committee of Philadelphia, October

         ‒ GHW marries Mrs. Ellen Avant McDonald, November 11, Philadelphia

1916 – GHW’s daughter Della M. Garrett, 36, dies in Washington, DC, February 4; buried there

         – GHW’s granddaughter Fannie Garrett returns to Philadelphia with GHW, February

         ‒ GHW serves as chairman of board of managers, Southwest YMCA Branch, Philadelphia

         ‒ GHW named alternate delegate at large (PA), Republican nominating convention, Chicago (June)

1917 –  People’s Savings Bank closes for liquidation, February

         ‒  GHW appointed as assistant city solicitor, Philadelphia, succeeding the late Harry W. Bass,

            July 7

1918 –  People’s Savings Bank dissolved by Pennsylvania bankruptcy court, April

         ‒  GHW, 66, dies of natural causes at home, Philadelphia, December 28

         –  GHW’s funeral service at residence, December 31; burial at Eden Cemetery, Collingdale, PA

1920 –  GHW’s half-brother,  John W. White, 74, dies in Columbus County, NC; burial at Mitchell Field

         ‒  GHW’s widow Ellen White moves to Atlantic City, NJ

1927 –  GHW’s son George, Jr., 34, dies in Pittsburgh, PA, November 30; burial at Eden Cemetery

By 1930 ‒  GHW’s widow Ellen White marries Edward W. Coston, Atlantic City; death date unknown

After 1931 ‒  GHW’s daughter Mamie moves from Philadelphia to New York City

1974 –  GHW’s daughter Mamie, 87, dies in New York City, December 2; burial at Eden Cemetery

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