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Tech Company Supports GH White Center!

Ms. Gayronza Thorne has donated $500 through her company, Salesforce, and is bringing much-needed technological expertise to help support the George Henry White center!

Salesforce Customer Success director, Gayronza Thorne,

alerted the project director for the George Henry White Memorial Health and Education Center--Vince Spaulding--that she has arranged for $500 to be donated to the project. Because her company, Salesforce, has a unique commitment to nonprofits, she is able to offer even greater value to the project! "Salesforce has a 1-1-1 model where we donate 1% of our time, 1% of our assets, and 1% of our profits to nonprofit organizations," Gayronza wrote to the organizers. "The grant I requested earlier today is part of our 1% profit sharing. The Free Salesforce system (for 10 users) which Kelly and I are looking into is part of the "1% of our assets" donations, and then Salesforce gives its employees 56 hours a year "off" to volunteer with nonprofits to help meet the "1% of our time" goal. "I could donate my time (and draft Kelly and my sister Mae who both are Salesforce-trained)," she said. "Kelly and I can set up Salesforce to be used by the BESD Foundation and the GHW Center, and this would be a net zero cost to the Foundation." Salesforce is a system that can help with contact management, volunteer tracking, grant and donation tracking, program management and activity management tracking, allowing us to track the performance and efficacy of the programs of the center, once operational. This brings powerful technology and expertise to support the health and educational programming that will take place in the center. We are extremely grateful to Gayronza, Kelly and Mae for initiating this partnership, and for bringing their time, talent and resources to the project!



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