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Ladies Step up to the Plate!

Among the great individuals adding their skills to the building of the George Henry White Memorial Health and Education Center are an able team of dedicated women from the local area. Thanks goes to Gracie Troy George, Barbara Troy, Mary Simmons, and Mrs. Kenneth Todd. Local Superintendent Ocie Jones praised their efforts to carry out three phases of landscaping at the center. "These ladies went with me to pick out the many plants that have been apart of the scheme. They help in getting them planted. They also work in the areas of fundraising for the plants and the costs associated--over $700! They were involved in making up menus, selling plates, and organizing the youth celebration event last year. They have dedicated many weekend hours toward this project and we could not have gotten to where we are without their support!" The landscaping is an important part of the overall project, including a memorial garden, a rose garden, a flagpole, the lawn and overall care of the exterior of the property. In addition to the landscaping these powerful ladies have been cooking for the building team, including Bay Leaf Builders, who created the Handicap ramp and who are preparing to re-build the weakened front porch. News of their delicious cooking has spread far beyond the community borders! We are proud of the warm hearts and hard work of this amazing team of ladies!



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