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Restoration Project: George Henry White Highway Marker in New Bern, NC

As indicated by the pictures below, dated April 12, 2011, the George Henry White, NC Highway Historical Marker, in New Bern, NC, has been restored.

What we know that may have resulted in getting the signed restored is the following: Benjamin R. Justesen, PhD, author of the book on George Henry White entitled, “An Even Chance in the Race of Life”, and other publications on the life of Congressmen White, contacted Mr. Michael Hill, who coordinates the NC Highway Historical Marker Program.

Dr. Justesen informed Mr. Hill that a relative of GHW, through White’s stepmother, had posted on the family foundation website, pictures showing that the sign needed some sprucing up and repairs. Mr. Hill in turned, forwarded the e-mail form Dr. Justesen to the NC Department of Transportation, who take care of the maintenance on markers, and requested that they see what can be done to improve the looks of Marker C-33, GEORGE H. WHITE, on Broad at Metcalf in New Bern.

As indicated by the pictures below, the GHW Historical Marker has been restored. Sincere appreciation is expressed to all who played a part in getting this marker restored.

- Vincent Spaulding, BESDF, Inc., President/COO

George Henry White Historical Marker Restored

The historical marker indicates the longtime New Bern residence of George Henry White before his election to Congress.

As is indicated by the pictures:

1) The aluminum cladding on the post holding the marker is damaged and separating from the post.

2) The post holding the marker is lending to one side at about 80 degrees versus being positioned 90 degrees with the ground.

3) Several of the screws connecting the marker to the post top are missing and consequently the marker is tilled to one side versus being completely vertical on the post.

4) The wording on the marker and the background paint are fading and in need of a fresh coat of paint.

Concerned citizens of New Bern, NC and others are encouraged to assist in taking action to get the George Henry White historical marker restored. The marker is located at the intersection of Metcalf and Broad Streets, New Bern, NC.

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