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George Henry White Community Memorial Center: For the establishment of a monument in Bladen County N

Updated: Dec 7, 2020


This memorial is a place intended to serve as a focus for the memory of the life and legacy of the late Congressman George Henry White (1852-1918), in his birth place; and to provide a location in Bladen County for the commemoration, remembrance, and recognition of the rich history of the Farmer’s union community and its surrounding neighbors. This memorial is being established as a community museum, to keep on record, chronicle, hand down to posterity, commemorate, and keep alive persons, events, and activities of the community over its existence. This place will also help to improve the lives of the citizens of the community by serving as an educational community center where residents can come to hear lectures, attend classes on a variety of subjects, and fellowship with one another.


The Farmer’s Union Community and its surrounding neighbors, which includes persons living in Bladen and Columbus Counties, has a rich history of multigenerational minority families that attained success repeatedly over two centuries, whether in agriculture, insurance, banking, military, medical, legal or academic fields. The GHW Community Memorial Center will keep the records of persons, events, and activities of the community passed down from generation to generation in conjunction with it serving as a location for educational activities.


The property in Bladen County that has been tentatively donated to the Benjamin & Edith Spaulding Descendants non-profit foundation, for use as the GHW Memorial Center, is currently being looked at as to the feasibility of the project. The house is approximately 100 years old and was the former home of Mrs. Mattie Spaulding Campbell and her family. Cousins Milton E. Campbell and his sister Wanda Campbell Clay, who are the heirs to the property, are donating one acre of land and the house to the BESDF, Inc. The donation of the house is subject to the project concept and property being able to qualify for historical appropriateness status. A plot plan and pictures of the house are provided herein. The property is located in Bladen County, on the Farmer’s Union Road, between Porterville School Road and Mitchell Field Road. The estimated cost to renovate the home, landscape, and provide the intended amenities is approximately 100 thousand dollars. A representative of the North Carolina Museum of History has agreed to serve as an adviser to our foundation as we move through the steps necessary to bring this project to reality.

Financial Contributions

The establishment of the GHW Community Memorial Center facilitates the establishment of a monument in Bladen County where the late Congressman GHW was raised during his youth, and will highlight his courageous stand for racial justice in the face of public apathy. This community museum will also provide a location in Bladen County to highlight the rich history of the Famer’s Union Community, and its surrounding neighbors, i.e. St. James, Bolden, Pembroke, and other surrounding communities. Public and private donations are being solicited to help finance the project. The BESDF, Inc. which is a nonprofit group established for educational, literary, and charitable purposes among other functions is leading the project. Tax deductible contributions to bring this project to fruition are welcome and should be provided to BESDF, Inc. as follows:

BESDF, Inc, Attn: GHW Community Memorial Center

7 Jenee Lane, Durham, NC 27703-2563


Project Point of Contact: Vincent Spaulding

Email: Phone: 202-441-3589

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