Saturday Aug 24, 2019 Community Watch Fundraiser at the GHW Memorial Health and Education Center in Bladen County, NC. The event was planned and hosted by the local Community Watch organization led by...

This George Henry White American Phoenix Rising is quite a revealing and compelling story that all of America should know about!! Wish you great success with it and know you must feel real genuine pri...

Press Release
Press release --- May 31, 2019
From: Vincent Spaulding, BESDF, Inc. GHW Committee, 202-441-3589


Chicago businessman and educator Stedman Graham visited Bladen and Columbus counties the...

George Henry White Memorial and Education Center Renovation Update March 2019

LightSmith Productions has been honored with the prestigious George Henry White Award for 2018 by the Benjamin and Edith Spaulding Descendants Foundation, for work promoting the life and legacy of thi...

New Bern, NC: On Saturday, October 1, 2016 at 12 noon, the Historic Dryborough Association will host a free, special exhibit, program, and bus tour that will highlight the extraordinary life of United...

H.R. 6963 - A bill for the protection of all citizens of the United States against mob violence, and the penalty for breaking such laws. Introduced by Mr. WHITE and referred to Committee on the Judici...


Banquet to Honor Congressman George Henry White, Early Civil Rights Leader

One of America’s most distinguished early civil rights leaders, Congressman George Henry White (R-NC),...

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